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Digital Marketing Services and Packages

Q. What digital marketing services do you provide?

As a digital marketing agency our services cover SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay-per-click), social media, content marketing, online PR, Google Penalty Fix, website design and development. Not sure what any of this means? Give us a call on 01923 549043 we can talk you through the digital jargon in simple terms to help understand how choosing the right digital marketing services can benefit your business.

Q. How do your digital marketing packages work?

All of our digital marketing services are based on a minimum 3, 6 or 12 month contract based on a tailored package with clear KPIs.

Q. How much will a digital marketing package cost?

Our digital marketing packages start from £250 per month. Depending on what your digital marketing objectives are we will build you a bespoke package to help you achieve this. Looking for a new website design or website development services too? We know that when you’re starting a new business or in the early stages of growth budget is really important so if you’re at the stage of looking for the right digital marketing service for you give us a call on 01923 549043 as we may be able to offer you a special package based on what you are looking to purchase.

Q. How do your digital marketing account services work?

All of our digital marketing clients in Hertfordshire have a dedicated Client Services Manager and Delivery team working on your account. You can contact us Monday – Friday 9am – 5:30pm and chat to any member of your team who will be more than happy to help. We track the progress of our work on a daily basis and you’ll receive a report and recommendations by the 5th working day of the month. We love a cup of tea and slice of cake too, with the majority of our clients popping in to have a face-to-face meeting once a month. Further away than Hertfordshire? We’re happy to call, Skype or have a Google Hangout, whatever works for you best – or if you’re near a tea room I’m sure the team would be more than willingly to pop over.

Q. Do you offer digital marketing consultancy services?

Yes we do offer digital marketing consultancy services. So whether you’re looking to create a fully-rounded digital marketing strategy or are just looking for consultancy for SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay-per-click), display, content marketing, online PR or social media our team of digital marketing experts are also available on half day or daily consultancy packages.

Q. What happens if we part ways?

We hope that you are happy enough to stay with us. However if for any reason you do need to leave, once your initial agreed digital marketing contract period has ended all we ask for is one months’ notice.


Q. Can you work on SEO on any type of website?

If your website is built on a CMS (content management system) like WordPress then as long as we have administration access to the CMS then yes we can work on your SEO. If your website is not built on a CMS then please give us a call and we can see what we can do to help on 01923 549034

Q. My website is not responsive. Can you still help me with my SEO?

Because of ongoing changes in Google’s algorithm we advise all clients to ensure their website is responsive before we start any work on SEO. Not responsive? Give us a quick call on 01923 549034 and we can see what we can do for you.

Q. How do I know if my website has good SEO?

First thing’s first we’ll run an SEO (search engine optimisation) audit of your website. Essentially this is a health check to help us see where all the good and not so good areas of your SEO are both onsite and offsite. We’ll use this to help build a strategy for your SEO and our digital marketing team will send you an SEO report monthly so you can track the results of our work.

Q. Do you adhere to search engines’ webmaster guidelines?

CAJ Media always follows best practice when it comes to adhering to search engines’ webmaster guidelines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. We don’t buy links or purchase any ‘black hat’ SEO techniques either. Our crown is truly shiny when it comes to SEO.

Q: Can you guarantee my website will appear on page one of the search engines?

No one can guarantee the number one spot on the first page of Google, and always bear in mind what you want to be number one for. There are many different keywords to choose from and you need to think about which ones your target market are likely to use. Also the search engine’s algorithms change regularly so you may find yourself on page one, one day but not the next. If you have a well -constructed search engine friendly website, keep it well maintained and updated, and create good quality backlinks from across the internet – then you will have the best possible chance of getting and keeping a good page ranking. Investing in SEO (search engine optimisation) on an ongoing basis is really important to help you build your organic ranking on Google. Chat to us on 01923 549034 if this is something you would like help with.


Q. Can you help me set up a PPC campaign?

You will need a Google AdWords account to be able to run a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign. Once you have signed up, our PPC experts can set up the campaign for you. This will be based on your key objectives, keywords, target audience and geographical target market. Need some help to set up your AdWords account? Give the team a call on 01923 549034 and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process. It’s fairly simple to do.

Q. How do you set a budget for PPC?

Our PPC (pay-per-click) experts will work with you to determine a level of spend for your PPC campaign. We use Google AdWords to assess the competitiveness of the market and will suggest a minimum and maximum budget to invest in. On an ongoing basis we will then optimise your campaign to ensure that we are making the most of your budget to generate a good return on investment.

Q. How does payment for PPC campaigns work?

CAJ Media charge a one-off fee for setting up a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign and then a monthly management fee. We don’t tend to run automated campaigns as it’s much more effective to optimise your budget on a daily basis. Any spend you do make on search terms will be paid directly to Google, straight from your Google AdWords account.

Q. Is PPC expensive?

PPC (pay-per-click) doesn’t have to be expensive if you set up and optimise your campaigns correctly. It’s all about being intelligent with your targeting and keywords and ensuring you’re monitoring performance closely. You can pause campaigns at any point too so if we find a particular search term is becoming too competitive, there’s always the option to stop and review.

Social Media

Q: Can you help my business with social media?

Of course – in several different ways. The majority of our clients ask us to create a social media strategy along with ongoing content generation and engagement. – we can’t tell you who though, as the key to social media is ensuring you are publishing content that appears to come from the voice of the brand. Are you a bit overwhelmed with where to start with social media? Give us a call on 01992 584824, we’d love to see how we can help.

Q. How do you know what to post on social media?

CAJ Media will work with you to build a content calendar for your social media channels. We schedule all of our strategic posts in monthly and will share with you the content before we post anything. In addition you’ll get a weekly call from us too, just to catch up on what’s happening in your business and any messages you would like us to share. Social Media is 24/7 and our team will continue to follow hashtags and trends on an ongoing basis to ensure that we pick up on any social conversations that are relevant to your business.

Q. How to you report on social media?

Our comprehensive social media reporting covers everything from your Klout score (how engaged your social community are), social impressions, social reach and demographics. Our reporting is delivered to clients monthly so you can see the fruits of our labour and how it’s built brand awareness and engagement for your business.

Q. Can you also do sponsored social media campaigns?

Sponsored advertising within social media channels is becoming increasingly popular with brands who want to target a specific message to a group of individuals. CAJ Media have expertise in running sponsored social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Website Design and Website Development

Q: Will I be able to edit the content of my website?

Yes – most of it. Each website CAJ Media creates comes with a CMS (content management system). This means you can edit the text on the pages as often as you like and change things like special offers, photos, prices etc. You will be given full training on the use of the CMS (content management system) and this is included in your website package – it is very simple just like using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Q: Where do you host the websites?

We use three different hosting suppliers, and will advise accordingly based on the size of your website site, functionality required and expected traffic.

Q. How to you charge for your website packages?

Our website prices are based on the number of pages you require for your website along with the type of functionality you need. We also offer hosting, support and maintenance packages for once your website is live, to ensure you have access to our Helpdesk for any website requests, updates and fixes.

Q. Can you build eCommerce websites?

No. CAJ Media does not specialise in websites that have an eCommerce functionality or online shop. However if you would like a recommendation please give the team a call 01923 549034.

Q: How quickly will my website be up and running?

Generally speaking your website will be launched within four-six weeks from receipt of a signed purchase order and payment, providing all necessary content and information have been supplied. If you need your new website quicker, we do offer an Express Service – details on request.

Q: Will I be able to change the colours or company logo in my website myself?

Whilst you can amend the text and photos yourself through your CMS (content management system), changes to the colours and logo will need to be made by the CAJ Media team. Alternatively, if you need help designing a logo or any creative for your website let us know. Our in-house creative team offer a range of design services.

Q: Can I have flash graphics?

Yes, we can produce Flash graphics for you, however we do always advise this as the use of Flash does inhibit certain aspects of SEO and does not render on many Apple devices. We have a range of great alternatives which look the same, yet do not create these challenges. Please contact us for a quote on 01923 549034.

Q: Will my website be search engine optimised to get good results on Google?

Yes. Your website will be submitted to all the major search engines and when we build the site we pay particular attention to ensuring that all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are considered. We also review the website copy before it goes live to ensure that the copy will help drive traffic to your website and we make any minor copy amendments that will help SEO. It’s worth noting that launching a website is just the first step to driving traffic to your business online. If you’d like more information on our monthly SEO packages please give the team a call on 01923 549034.

Q: What happens after the initial 12 month contract period?

After your website has been live for a year, you are provided with a range of service options from year two and beyond. These range from hosting only through to fully serviced, fully managed options.

Q: Where do I get photos, images and graphics for my website from?

You have two options. You can either provide us with images that you already own or alternatively we can source and purchase images and graphics for you – the choice is yours. Our minimum order is £25 + VAT per image and this includes sourcing and royalty free purchase for online (low-res). In addition we can provide high res images and graphics, however the cost for this is dependent on image and therefore each quote is different – contact us for details.

Q: Will I be able to see my website before it goes live?

Of course. You will be sent a test link to your website before it goes live so you can make any amendments. Once the website is live you will be able to make amendments to the copy yourself after you have had your website CMS (content management system) training with us.

Website Technical Terms

Q: What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a page that lists all of the pages and their structure. This is submitted to the search engines so they know what pages need to be indexed and the hierarchy of the structure. All websites built by CAJ Media have an xml sitemap as standard, because it means the search engines (Google in particular) can index all of the pages more efficiently.

Q: What is a robots file?

A robots file is a list of any pages that you do not want the search engines to see and index.

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