So what exactly is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is all about creating and sharing unique content which people actually want to see. It entails communicating and getting in front of your prospects and customers without going for the hard sell. Done properly it’s a great way to earn trust and credibility thereby attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Key to its success is producing relevant, reliable and consistent content which can be distributed through a variety of channels including blogs, videos, podcasts, Social Media and digital publications. As any successful Content Marketing agency will tell you, it’s about having a mix of online content – on your own and others’ websites, as well as on forums and news sites – and offline content with lots of links back to your online presence.

The Content Marketing process

The most important thing to establish is what you wish to achieve from your Content Marketing. You will therefore need a comprehensive Content Marketing strategy, based around your business objectives, which ties in effectively with your overall marketing strategy. As a respected Content Marketing firm we will produce relevant and engaging copy which we will distribute to carefully researched influencers, bloggers, online publishers and directories amongst others. Once sent we will continue to optimise your content and monitor its performance and we’ll send you a monthly report so you can see exactly how well our Content Marketing services are performing.

Why does your business need Content Marketing?

Consumers are becoming increasingly intelligent when it comes to avoiding or blocking traditional marketing activities. They can fast forward adverts on the TV, request not to receive mailshots through the door and skip pages of adverts in magazines. Our Content Marketing services therefore provide a strategic approach to ensure your content is still visible to prospective and existing clients but is subtle enough to educate, influence and effectively change behaviours without using a direct selling approach. The idea behind Content Marketing is that by providing relevant, informative and frequent content consumers develop a trust and respect for your company which they then reward with new business and loyalty.

What does good Content Marketing look like?

Content calendar
Original content
Strategic and tactical
Strong headlines and sub headlines
Make your content actionable
Accurate and relevant
Find a personal connection
Engaging and thought-provoking
Rich with images and videos
Frequent, high quality content

Can’t I do it myself? Do I really need a Content Marketing Agency?

The short answer to this is yes. If you have the expertise, experience and time it is certainly possible to do it yourself rather than employing the services of a Content Marketing firm. However, to do it effectively requires a significant amount of time not to mention a carefully planned and executed strategy. It therefore makes sense to employ the services of a Content Marketing agency with a proven track record to help you create engaging content and share it effectively across your carefully targeted digital marketing channels.

How can a Content Marketing Agency like CAJ Media help my business?

Based on your business objectives we’ll create a bespoke, fixed-price Content Marketing package. Our team of experts will act as your virtual digital marketing team developing, publishing, managing and monitoring your Content Marketing campaigns leaving you free to focus on your own areas of expertise.

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