So what exactly is an Online Marketing package?

Online Marketing covers a huge array of different digital disciplines including search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, email marketing, online PR, content marketing and PPC. It’s therefore super important that you have a co-ordinated strategy that pulls together all the different areas to create a bespoke digital marketing plan which will successfully drive lead generation for your business.

How do we devise your Online Marketing package?

We understand that every business is different so we don’t offer a standard “one size fits all” online marketing package. Instead we develop bespoke digital marketing campaigns for each and every client. We work closely with you to decide which options are going to work best for your business and how we can bring them all together to reach your target market and create the most effective results. We will advise you on an online marketing budget and the amount of hours we need to deliver your campaign. Some aspects of online marketing, in particular SEO, take time to set up, implement and optimise so we require a six month minimum commitment on all our online marketing packages. Ultimately everything we do is results driven with our aim being to help you achieve successful lead generation and a great ROI.

Why does your business need an Online Marketing package?

Every business needs to have a presence online. Yet the online community is vast and if your marketing is not carefully targeted and co-ordinated you could be wasting valuable business opportunities – not to mention time and money. The most important aspect of any Online Marketing campaign is therefore to have a clearly defined strategy detailing the different services you are going to utilise and how they will all complement each other. This will enable you to effectively monitor the performance and ROI of your online marketing budget. At CAJ Media, we believe having such a strategy in place is essential to the success of your Online Marketing and so even our smallest packages come with a clearly defined strategy.

What does a good Online Marketing package look like?

Defined Online Marketing strategy
Clear target market
Clear measurable objectives
Consideration of all digital platforms
Best use of budget
B2B or B2C focused
Clearly defined budget for organic and advertising activity
A good working relationship with account manager
Regular contact
Honest and transparent reporting
Regular face to face meetings
An industry specific package
Affordable and measurable
Regular reporting
Clear Online Marketing pricing

Can’t I do it myself? Do I really need an Online Marketing agency?

In theory yes, you could do it yourself. If you have the time and expertise it is possible to do your own PPC campaigns, SEO, email marketing and social media. However each individual digital marketing channel requires a level of specialism in itself and bringing them all together to build a successful, integrated campaign is a significant undertaking and one best done by a specialist digital marketing firm. By using a team of professional, qualified digital marketing experts, you can have an entire team with all its expertise and experience at your disposal. And with such a myriad of Original Marketing services available these days it is important to know what is going to work best for your business. At CAJ Media, we pride ourselves on building strong, personal relationships with our clients so we can really understand their businesses and can effectively and affordably promote them online to their target markets.

How can an Online Marketing agency like CAJ Media help my business?

Based on your business objectives we’ll create a bespoke, fixed-price online marketing package. This will give you access to our team of Online Marketing experts who through their various specialisms and experience will optimise your website’s performance. We like to think of ourselves as your virtual Online Marketing team; and our affordable Online Marketing pricing means that you can have an entire team for the cost of less than one in-house employee. And, of course whilst we’re working on your Online Marketing you are free to focus on your own areas of expertise knowing your business’ digital marketing is in the best hands.

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