What is Responsive Web Design?

Most companies are talking about it, what is it? Responsive Web Design (RWD) enables your customers to view your website easily regardless of what type of device they use – iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, tablet or desk top PC. RWD makes your business mobile-friendly.

Why you need Responsive Web Design

Can your business afford not to have a mobile-friendly website? According to Google* 75% of website visitors prefer a mobile-friendly site and, when they have visited a mobile-friendly site, 74% of people say they’re more likely to return to that site in future. And 67% of people say when they visit a mobile-friendly site they are more likely to buy a product or service.

Developing a new RWD site for your business will give you the edge over your competitors too, you can claim first place in the race to deliver an excellent website experience regardless of the device used in a product or service search.

Includes everything you need:

No set up fee!

Free Hosting!

Free Domain!

Free SSL Certificate!

A professional website, that can be ready in 2 weeks.

A domain (the “www...” thing) registered directly to you.

Looks great on computer screens, tablets and mobiles.

Easy for customers to find you on Google.

Built-in contact form and clear location info.

Unlimited edits and updates for free.

A professional email address.

Optional extras (slideshows, social media, mailboxes)

Manage your website on the go with our Content Management System

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